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Lashia Trainee Lashes

What does it mean to be a model?

To sit as a model with Lashia, you will receive an eyelash extension from one of our students completing a certified course in eyelash extensions.

The eyelash extension completed by a Lashia trainee (with the help of a supervisor) in comparison to a certified Lashia designer, you can expect:

Similar Eyelash Design

You will receive a set of eyelash extensions suitable to your eye shape. The Lashia trainee will together with her instructor, complete a consultation, map out your individual lash design, using various lengths and curls for different effects.

Varying experience

The Lashia trainee lash application will require more time (2,5-3 hours). However, the supervisor helps the student to infill if needed. Please be patient, it takes time to become a great lash artist.

Same safety expectations

Each individual extension is carefully separated from one and another. The Lashia trainee has been trained to always separate each individual eyelash to protect the hair growth of your natural eyelashes. This is also controlled by the supervisor.

More natural results

Due to the time, it takes for a student to apply a set of lashes, the result will vary from time to time. You can expect to receive a minimum of 40 eyelashes/eye from the service, which is approx half of what an expert will apply in half the time.

Have you got all the time in the world?

Lashia lash subscription

For only $7 weekly, you can sign up for a Lash subscription with Lashia.
You can book in as a model whenever we have availability, and always have nice looking lashes.
 If you can’t find a suitable time with a student or have less time on hand, all our subscribers receive a $20 off service with our experienced Lash Artists.

You can book any model service for Eyelash Extensions and brows with a Lashia Trainee at the Lashia Academy.
Please be advised this subscription does not apply to services with Qualified technicians or Junior stylists at the Lashia.
Only model/trainee appointments are available on this subscription.
If you wish to book with a pro, we will give our subscribers a $20 discount on any service.


No shows or cancellations within 24h prior to your appointment will result in an additional late cancellation fee equaling the full fee of the service. (eg. if you book a service normally valued at $45, you will be charged $45 on top of your subscription payment if you cancel your appointment within 24 hours.)


Please understand that availability can vary due to the nature of the timing of our courses. We run a 2 week Lash Extension course approx every 4 weeks. The course can vary in student count and therefore model appointments availability.
Therefore we advise you to book your appointments in advance to avoid disappointment.
Between Lash courses, we have availability for you to have your lashes done by trainees coming back for support/examinations and brow training.