5 days Advanced Classics and Russian Volume

Lashia Advanced Classics and Russian Volume

Have you been Classic trained and have an idea about Volume Lashes?

Do you want to offer premium services to a higher end type of client?

Are you wanting to make more money and learn how to up your prices and get more clients?

Are you ready to take the next step in Lash Mastery?

The only 5 day Russian Volume course in the Gold Coast

For Classic trained stylists wanting to transition into the Art of Volume Lashes and Mega Volume.

This course teaches you to how to create beautiful hand made Russian Volume sets, competition lashes and Mega Volume Lashes.

Not just a course – we help you with your little lash business as well.

Lashia Upskill Classics and Russian Volume

Please be advised you need to have basic training in Classics prior, and been introduced to Volume lashes.
Starter kit: Includes a Volume Lashes Starter kit.
10% Discount on all Lashia products.

Bundle options:

  • 5 day Classic and intro to Volume – (for beginners).
  • 5 day Russian volume and Classic Upskill (for classic trained)
  • 10 day Classic and Advanced Classic, intro to Volume, Russian Volume and Mega Volume. (for beginners)


Pre req: Must have completed Classic training and know the fundamentals of Volume Lashes. Small groups for maximal one-on-one

  • Practical training on 5 live models
  • Advanced Styling and Layering techniques
  • Advanced fanning techniques
  • Russian Volume Styling
  • How to successfully mix a variety of curls and thickness for various effects
  • How to style/layer Classic lashes to look like Volume
  • Mega Volume
  • The Perfect line
  • Creating Russian Volume for competition
  • How to create dense hand made Russian Volume fans
  • Product manufacturing
  • Advanced symmetry and styling
  • Retention and speed lashing
  • Styling with advanced curls such as V-curl, M-curl and L+
  • Textured and “Kardashian” styling
  • Advanced Cat eye effects
  • Customized styling
  • Corrective mapping for different shaped eyes
  • Fantasy lash styling and working with colored lashes
  • Unlimited support following training
  • Access to Lashia’s closed Facebook network of experts
  • Letter of Validation received after the course
  • Lashia Certification through a Practical Exam online/in person
  • Including Lashia’s Basic Volume kit

Payment plans from $38.50 weekly
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Registration fee is non-refundable in case of cancellation.