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Introducing for the first time in Australia – Lashia’s one-on-one Lash Artist Coaching program.
Are you fed up with short courses in large groups where they teach “one fits all”, sending you off with a certificate and a feeling you didn’t learn much?

Have you been wanting to do your training with Lashia, but simply are not able to take 1 or 2 full weeks off due to a busy schedule?

This is your opportunity to grow, and become the Lash Artist of your dreams!

take your Lash Game to the next level

Lashia’s coaching program

Lashia’s Coaching program starts with a free consultation, where we sit down and investigate how much you know already and what you are wanting to get out of your coaching sessions with your mentor.
Once you have decided what suits you, a group class or a block with individual coaching sessions, we can enroll you to start your journey.

Mentored 1:1 training

One-on-one training with your Lash Coach. We customise your training to upskill you in the areas needed.

Choose how far you go

Purchase individual 3h sessions or buy a package of sessions to reach your goals faster.

Individualised sessions

Book individual 3h sessions with your mentor when it suits your schedule.

Combine with group training

Combine group training with mentored one-on-one sessions.

Build your program

Customise your training

At Lashia we understand you may have completed training and don’t want to do another Lash Course. You might feel you need a Mentor to look at your techniques and fill in the gaps, perhaps you want to know more about styling? Or are you struggling with retention and application? Taping techniques?

Lashia Coaching 1:1 Mentor Packages

What you can get out of your Mentor Program

Technique troubleshooting

Advanced Styling

Application tips

Product knowledge

Retention issues

Allergic reactions

Eye conditions

Volume fanning techniques


Are you missing this?

Retention and why lashes don’t stick.

How to successfully create hand made Volume Lashes.

How to create dense, full lash sets.

How to customise my eye styling to suit any eye shape.

How to charge more and get fully booked.

Marketing & Pricing

Business Coaching

Customer service

Build your program

Book an individual or a package of sessions with your mentor. On your first date with your Lash Coach, we will design the program based on your current knowledge and customise your training depending on your goals.


1 session


3 sessions

1:1 Coaching per session


5 sessions

Join us today

Book a free consultation with your Lash Mentor, in person or over a phone call.

Book session here

Following your registration for your free speed date, you will be sent a link to a questionnaire to fill out prior to your meeting. The questionnaire will help your mentor decide how many training sessions you will need to reach your goals.

During the meeting we will go through what you know already and what you are wanting to get out of your coaching program with Lashia. We will decide how many coaching sessions you may need and book in for your program.

Your training will start with 1, 3 or 5 sessions. Our framework will help your mentor decide which level you are at and how long it will take you to complete your exam.

The Lashia qualification levels are: Lashia Trainee, Lashia Designer, Lashia Master, Lashia Mentor, Lashia Educator, in both Classic and Volume Lashes. For each level you will sit an exam to receive your certificate.

A Lashia Eyelash Designer has the opportunity to be part of the Lashia Network, a system where you can grow as a Lash Artist, with the support from fellow Lashia Designers and Mentors. The opportunities are endless.

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