Do my Lashes need a break from Eyelash Extensions?

We hear a lot of lash techs tell their clients that their lashes need a break once in a while.. this always surprises us. Your lash extensions should never be extended to the point where they risk damage to the natural lash. If your Lash tech says this to you, she basically admits to doing something wrong with your lashes.
The only time we would suggest such thing is;

  • you have an unhealthy lash line due to poor aftercare, the result may be inflammation due to blocked follicles, #demodexfolliculorum, or #blepharitis.
  • you have some other eye condition.
  • you are going through hormonal changes or stress and are shedding your natural lashes, ie your lash line is not healthy. -you have a medical condition affecting your hair growth/lash health.
    In these instances we may recommend removal of your lashes and to see a health professional.

Your lashes have 3 different growth stages and a great lash artist will watch what stage of growth each individual hair is in, and apply an extension suitable to that lash.
Therefore we ask you to please listen to us when we recommend going shorter or lighter. We want to allow your lashes to grow and thrive as there wasn’t anything on them.

A good set of lashes is better for your lash health than mascara! 😍🙌🙌🙌

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