We are looking for ladies in Brisbane wanting to become experts in Eyelash Extensions

We are currently looking for ladies in Brisbane wanting to create a career in Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions are on the uprising and they have become just as important for female beauty as nails, hair and makeup.

Lashia has specialized in Eyelash Extension training and Business startup for over a decade. We were one of the first providers with a full 2 week course curriculum including unlimited support and certification through a practical exam.
The course teaches you everything you need to know about Eyelash Extensions, including Classic and Hand made Volume application, advanced lash mapping, safety, infection control, contraindications, and even marketing and business strategies to make you ready to hit the real world and take paying clients straight after the course.
Lashia Australia is located just a stone´s throw down from Brisbane CBD, at Varsity Lakes in the Gold Coast.
We have many students flying in from all over Australia and New Zealand, so why wouldn´t you just take the hour drive down the coast from Brisbane to do a course with us?
We almost feel like we are a secret society slowly making our way out in the world, creating awareness of safe application and esthetically looking eyelash extensions.

Come down the coast and do one of our small classes (max 7 students in a group), become part of the Lashia family, and let us mentor you and help you in your new venture. Our goal is to make you the best lash tech in town!

Brisbane is screaming for great lash techs, and not many training providers offer more than 1 or 2 days of training.
You will need a mentor guide you and support you through the whole process.

Be the Artist you Should be  – do an Eyelash Extension course with Lashia today.

The faces behind Lashia

Lashia was started in Stockholm, Sweden by mother and daughter Ebba and Mimmi Ebbersten.

2006 they were some of the first to ever do Eyelash Extensions and not many people actually understood that this was even possible.
Today they have built a network of Lashia Eyelash Designers world wide, but they have managed to keep the small family feeling, and are still personally teaching many of the courses at Lashia to this day.

At Lashia you are never alone. We are very passionate about creating great Lash Artists and help them in the startup of their small Lash Businesses.

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