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Mimmi Ebbersten


Mimmi Ebbersten is the co-founder of Lashia, she is an amazing Lash Artist and Mentor, and has played a big role in the Lash Industry since 2006. Her passion for the industry is evident through her social media presence, her active engagement with her students and fellow Lash Artists within the industry, and involvement in organisations such as NEESA (2015-2016), ANZEI (2016-2017) and NALA (2019).

Mimmi’s warm spirit, and ability to empower and engage students of all ages makes her an excellent Lash Mentor and support person for anyone asking her for help.

Apart from her role as a Lash Educator and Mentor, she is also an international speaker and judge, and is also now known for organising epic Lash Events, such as the Swedish Championship (2014), Lash Bash (co founder 2017, 2018) and Lash Open (2020, postponed due to COVID19).

Mimmi is often fully booked, but send her a text and she will always do her best to fit you in for a set of lashes.

How we do lashes differently

At Lashia we believe in safe, naturally looking eyelash extensions that look and feel like they could be your own lashes. We specialise in natural looking eyelash extension design, we can ensure you the experience will be relaxing, comfortable while receiving the lashes of your dreams.

Get your lashes done by a lash Expert

Mimmi Ebbersten is the owner of Lashia, she was one of the first in the industry to apply lashes, already in 2006. For 14 years she has worked actively in the industry to change the standards and stigma around Eyelash Extensions. She is an international speaker and lash judge, and the organiser of the Australian Lash Open.

Get your lashes done by the owner herself and have the lashes of your dreams. Book in advance, she is very fully booked!

Book a Trainee Lash Artist

We find it very important to meet every client’s satisfaction. Therefore, owner and educator Mimmi Ebbersten will supervise the Lashia trainees during the time of your service, and will help when needed to make a great end result.

why get lash extensions with lashia

At Lashia we believe in safe, naturally looking eyelash extensions that look and feel like they could be your own lashes. We specialise in natural looking eyelash extension design, we can ensure you the experience will be relaxing, comfortable while receiving the lashes of your dreams.

The length of training is our backbone

Qualified Lash artists

Getting your customized lashes done by one of our Qualified Lash Artists is addictive. When you open your eyes you can’t even feel the extensions.

We design your eyelashes to your face shape, taking your preference on styling in consideration, extending only to a safe length to ensure you can have extensions for the rest of your life.

Specialised services

Each service with Lashia starts with a thorough consultation. Together, we design a lash map that will suit your features and eye shape.

Comfortable environment

At Lashia we can ensure you a calm and relaxing experience. To get your lashes done with us is comfortable and a lot of our clients actually fall asleep.

The Lashia VIP Lash Extension Lounge

The Lashia Lash lounge is a hidden gem in Varsity Lakes.
The academy is situated upstairs in the iconic Clock tower building at the Varsity Lakes Market Square.
Our Lash lounge is a small and separate side of the Lashia Academy.

Eyelash Extensions Photo Gallery

At Lashia we customize each individual set to suit your face and eye features.
During our consultation we will discuss your preferences in thickness, lengths and design,
and adapt an aesthetically appealing eyelash extension that is safely applied to your natural eyelashes.


Customised Eyelash Design

Our Eyelash Extension Services

Hand made volume lashes

At Lashia we hand make our Volume, which means, we create a fan made from very fine PBT fiber, and attach that one fan on each individual one of your natural lashes.

We layer your lashes, creating dense, elegant looking Volume sets.

By professionals – for professionals

Lashia Volume Lashes

Fluffy Density – Hand Made perfection

Lashia hybrid lashes

Hybrid lashes are a mix between Classic and Volume Lashes.
The result is natural but full.

Lashia Classic HD Lashes

Classic Perfection – for the less dramatic

With the newest technology fiber, the Lashia Classic HD lashes, can we create natural, beautiful classic lash sets. The HD technology lash has microscopic structures, allowing the adhesive to merge the synthetic fiber to your natural lash, the result is longer lasting, denser looking lashes.

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Most frequently asked questions

The lash extensions are attached individually to each one of your natural eyelashes. Your lashes grow, just like any hairs on your body, and the extension will grow out and fall out with your natural lash. This process takes approx 6-8 weeks. Most of the lashes we extend are already 3-4 weeks outgrown, which means most people come back for infills every 3-4 weeks.

Classic lashes are what we call individual extensions, where one fiber is attached to the one natural lash hair. 
With volume lashes, we create a fan with 3-4 very thin fibers, attached at the base of your natural lash. 
Hybrid Eyelash Extensions are what we call a mix between Classic and Volume lashes.

Eyelash Extensions should not cause any damage to your lashes, if they have been applied correctly, where each individual lash has been separated, and proper after care has been followed.

Yes you can! The adhesives we use are water resistant and fast curing, which mean you can wet your lashes anytime directly following your application, no need to wait 24 hours! In fact, we do recommend to wash your lashes daily with a gentle Lash Shampoo you can purchase from us.

Minimum wage for Beauty professionals is $27 hourly. A full, safely applied Lash set takes an experienced Lash Artist at least 1,5-2 hours. Add on top, product costs, taxes, booking system, education, bank fees, rent and other overheads and you will quickly understand that a professionally applied Eyelash Extensions should sit at $70-100 hourly.
Do the maths and anyone should worry if they find Lash Extensions offered below $120-150.

Unsafe Eyelash Extensions irritate or hurt due to the fibers being attached to the skin, that too much adhesive has been used, or that the lashes haven’t been separated individually.
A safe set of Eyelash Extensions should not irritate, in fact they should feel less than wearing mascara!

Our professional Lash Artists have learned to find a suitable lash map for your eyeshape in seconds. We always take your requests into consideration, and through our consultation we will decide on a customised length and shape that will suit you.

This comes down to styling. Unfortunately many courses are very short, where stylists aren’t trained in Lash mapping and styling. If the fibers are simply attached with the same length or perhaps 2 or 3 lengths only, the set will appear fake. Often too much length has been used too, leaving the client with almost a Drag-queen look.
We use 6-14 various lengths and thicknesses throughout a set to make it look at natural as possible.