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Lashia’s extensive Eyelash Designer program has been developed over 15 years, received worldwide recognition and numerous award nominations. We are looking for new and current Lash Technicians wanting to expand their knowledge and become the Lash Artist of their dreams.

The secret behind our successful students

Customised Education

Lashia’s foundation courses in Classic and Volume eyelash extensions are offered over 3, 5, or 10 days in person. Group training is offered in small groups of max 6 students, and you can always reach out to your mentor for ongoing support.


Learn Eyelash Artistry in small groups or book individual customised one-on-one coaching sessions with your mentor.
Combine in person training with online to speed up your study time.


At Lashia we have an amazing community. With a growth mindset we help each other succeed. Become a Lashia Artist today and you will meet lifelong friends, maybe even a future business partner?


With Lashia we are all about ongoing support. Come back for Lashia support whenever needed. When you are ready you will sit for the Lashia practical & theoretical exam.


We love helping women empower themselves to a better lifestyle. Change career paths, upskill, start a business, we are there to help you with that too.

free support included in all training

Unlimited 1:1 support

Unique for Lashia is that we offer lifetime support. Depending on which course you choose, you receive 3, 6 or 12 months free support, but if you still need help following your free months, you can book in with your mentor for a small booking fee.

Mentored 1:1 support sessions

Through the Lashia booking system you can book a 3h support session whenever you need help.

Pass your exam faster

We have noticed that students that continuously come for support pass their exam faster. Coming for support your mentor will let you know when you are getting exam ready.

Troubleshoot your techniques

After you do a course you might pick up habits or simply need a repeat in certain areas.

Meet other Lashia Trainees

At a support session you will meet other Lashia students at different level of experience. This is a great opportunity to connect with likeminds and you might even meet a Lash buddy to swap lashes with.

Included in all Lashia's courses

Lashia Online accelerator

Launching 2020 is the new Lashia Online Accelerator.
This program is our fundamental training offered in a strategic Online course, that you only get access to if you complete in-person training with us. We believe that Eyelash Extensions cannot be taught online only, you need a mentor to help and guide you, and correct your techniques as you go.


By offering most of our theory through the online platform, you can not only complete your training faster, you can also easier recap what we go through during training, and make sure you don’t miss any crucial elements.


Some people still like physical copies of a manual, to scribble notes on and use alongside their clients. Therefore all the content in the online manual is available as PDF files so that you can easily save and print any chapters important to you.


We believe in reducing paper and printed media, to minimise the impact we have on our environment. A manual can easily get lost or damaged. By offering our manual purely online, you can easier find chapters, and access it through the app wherever you are.


We are moving our Theory test to our online platform. The test needs to be completed before sitting on your practical exam.
Each chapter has a quiz to make sure you understood all the content before moving on to the next level.

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Discounted products with lashia

Our Lashia Eyelash Designers receive discounts on our products through our online store. Shop premium products online or over the counter.

Online community

Use hashtags #lashiatrainee or #lashianetwork on Instagram to see other Lashia Designers work.

Join our Lashianetwork Facebook group and connect with other Lashia Designers.

Follow our Facebook page for the latest news.

Join the lashia network

The Lashia Network is a platform where we list all Lashia trained Lash Artists. Depending on your level of experience, we will list you as a Lashia Trainee, Designer, Master, Mentor, or Educator.

Join lashia and accelerate your career

Grow within the Lashia network

Join the #Lashianetwork movement and set a higher standard for Eyelash Extensions


Start your journey

Start your fundamendals with a combined online/in person course, or accelerate your training and complete a Lashia 2 week Mastery class and be the Master of your tweezers in no time.


Lashia Trainee

Completing any training course with Lashia, you are entitled to a minimum of 6 months of unlimited support with your mentor.

During your trainee time, you can take clients at a reduced rate until you are ready to sit your practical exam.


Lashia Eyelash Designer

After approx 30 lash sets you are ready to sit the theoretical and practical classic exam to receive your Lashia Certificate.

Once you have received your certificate you may call yourself a Lashia Eyelash Designer.


Lashia Master Designer

Sharpen your tweezers, it’s time to step it up a game.

The next step is Master Certification in Classic and Volume Lashes.

The sky is the limit, and we want to be there with you the whole way!


Lashia Mentor

The first step towards becoming a Lashia Educator is by helping other Lashia Trainees through our Lashia Network of Eyelash Designers.

Help other Lash Artists with Lashia’s framework as your backbone.


Lashia Educator

With a strict application process, you may be the chosen one in your city to qualify to be a Lashia Educator.

Deliver Lashia courses like a pro, with the support from your Lashia Gurus.


Lashia distributor

Are you wanting to stock high-quality products from a trusted and well-established lash brand?

Wholesale Lashia products and grow with us.
Fast shipping and 100% quality.


Lashia Certified Salon

Did you know that the best Lash Artists are those that can grow within a salon, with the support from their trainer but also from their employer?

Be a certified Lashia Salon today and offer trainee positions to new stylists.

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Frequently asked questions

Most of our students can start building their business and charge $80-100 for a set, directly following their training with Lashia. Once passing the exam, a Lashia Eyelash Designer can charge $140-150 for Classic Eyelash Extensions and $180-250 for Hand made Volume Eyelash Extensions.

We estimate the cost of products per client is approximately $7-15.

A full time Lash Artist can earn between $1500-2500 per week after costs, overheads and tax.

Included in our 5 day and 2 week course programs are business coaching and startup sessions. We will help you with how to start up a small lash business and give you some essential marketing tips.

Most of our students start with a simple instagram and facebook page, start promoting amongst family and friends, and gradually get the ball rolling.

Lash Artistry is a skill that takes time and practice to learn.
If you know you are a disciplined and fast learner, a 3 day accelerator program may be enough.
If you need more help and guidance to reach your goals, the 2 week Mastery program will help you stay motivated and with 12 months free support you always have your mentor backing you up when you need help.

To master Eyelash Artistry takes time and practice. You can start taking paying clients straight out of the course, with a Lashia Trainee certificate you know how to safely apply a set of Eyelash Extensions, building your skills as a Lash Artist.

To pass the Lashia practical Exam takes approx 3-6 months.

The Eyelash Extension industry is completely unregulated in Australia. There is no current Government Accreditation.
TAFE and some RTO’s offer the Unit of competency, SHBBFAS001 – Apply Eyelash Extension, as part of the Beauty Diploma. 
The unit is very basic, and won’t give you 100% coverage in the latest up-to-date techniques for Eyelash Artistry. In fact, many colleges offer this unit of competency without any actual industry experience.

With the Lashia Certificate you can come further within this profession, and you are also eligible for an RPL certificate – recognition for prior learning.

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