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At Lashia we believe in safe, naturally looking eyelash extensions that look and feel like they could be your own lashes.

After 13 years specializing in Eyelash Extensions, we can ensure you the experience will be relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable.

Getting your customized lashes done by one of our Qualified Lash Artists is addictive. When you open your eyes you can’t even feel the extensions.

We design your eyelashes to suit your eyes, taking your preference on styling in consideration, extending only to a safe length to ensure you can have extensions for the rest of your life.

We can create magically, long lashes, or short, dense sets. Are you after lashes that look like they could be your natural, own lashes?

Yep we can do that too.

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Qualified to be a perfectionist

All our artists are Lashia Trained and had to go through long apprenticeship (minimum 6 months) before sitting the Lashia practical exam.

We are all trained the same way and you will receive the same standard whoever you go to.

We offer a big variety of lash and brow services to meet all our clients needs.

Book in today, we are the Lash Artists you have been looking for.

Follow this link if you would like a cheaper alternative with a student.

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