How Child Care Educators can work less, earn more and have the lifestyle they always dreamed of

Why Child Care professionals become great Lash Artists. Have you worked in the Child Care industry for a long time? Do you feel like things aren’t the way they used to be and it’s becoming harder and harder to do what you actually love? 
Are you sick of the bureaucracy, grumpy bosses and rude parents?Are … Read more

Times are changing, are you ready?

I have been a motivational speaker and business mentor for a few years now, and something I have noticed is how today´s generation is struggling to find their fit in the work place.It wasn´t until I listened to my mentor Ray Gordon I realized what is actually happening out there in the work force. Since the … Read more

Is there a sensitive glue for Eyelash Extensions?

I often get questions from clients or read posts on facebook from stylists looking for a sensitive glue for Eyelash Extensions. To know the answer to this you would need to have some adhesive knowledge and how it works adhering synthetic material, as in false eyelashes, to human hair. What is the Eyelash Extension Glue´s … Read more