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Lashia was an early industry leader, established in Sweden 2010, and in Australia 2016, specialising in Eyelash Extension training and product distribution worldwide.
Ebba and Mimmi were amongst of the first in the world to extend eyelashes, already in 2006.
In 2010, they launched the most extensive course curriculum on the market, offering their students unlimited support, and certification through a practical exam.

They still teach with love for their students, and their main goal is to empower and help each individual to reach their highest level of Eyelash Mastery.

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Ebba & Mimmi, founders of Lashia

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We will help you in your Lash Business startup.
Start making $ today and take control over your life. We offer mentored training in small groups.
Lashia’s curriculum for Eyelash Extensions has been developed over 14 years, recognised worldwide and nominated by NALA Awards in Canada.
Come to Lashia in the Gold Coast and learn to be the best Lash Artist in Australia.

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Premium Lash Artists

Visit our small Lash Lounge in Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast. Our Premium Lash Artists have many years experience. Safely applied eyelash extensions, customized to perfection.

Professional Eyelash Extension products

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The Lashia Megastore is where you will find your quality products. Being one of the first online stores for Eyelash Extension products, launched in 2008, we can ensure fast shipping and premium service.
Shop online now or over the counter at our Gold Coast location.

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Lashia was one of the first companies to offer safe, individually styled eyelash extensions that look and feel like they could be your own lashes.

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Beginner, intermediate or Master, at Lashia there are options for anyone wanting to reach success in their eyelash extension career.

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