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Visit our small Lash Lounge in Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast. Our Premium Lash Artists have many years experience. Safely applied eyelash extensions, customized to perfection.

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The Lashia Megastore is where you will find your quality products. Being one of the first online stores for Eyelash Extension products, launched in 2008, we can ensure fast shipping and premium service.
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Mimmi Ebbersten


Jeff Crichton

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Eyelash Extensions since


Lashia was one of the first companies to offer safe, individually styled eyelash extensions that look and feel like they could be your own lashes.

Lashia timeline

Eyelash Extensions since 2006


The birth of Eyelash Design

From a villa, in suburban Stockholm, Sweden, Hair Extension Designer Ebba Ebbersten had a client from Washington DC, requesting an infill of her Eyelash Extensions.
The idea to learn how to do them was born.


It takes 2 to remain sane

Mimmi Ebbersten, daughter of Ebba, moved back to Sweden from her studies in Australia. Together the mother-daughter duo took their knowledge of Eyelash Extension application and developed a new system involving safe application and customised styling, factors no one had so far taken in consideration when applying Eyelash Extensions.


The launch of Lashia

After 4 years of building a 6 figure Lash business, purely through word of mouth, it was time to launch the world´s first 4 day lash course. The only course offering unlimited support and certification through a practical exam.


Lashia opens more schools

The growth of Lashia was inevitable, over the years, five schools opened over Sweden and Norway, and hundreds of Lashia Eyelash Designers hit the scandinavian market through the Lashia Network. Lashia was recognised internationally, as a NEESA Educational partner, and SEYF Board member.


The Launch of Lashia Megastore

The Lashia online store was one of the first in 2008 to specialise in selling Eyelash products online. 2013 online store manager Jeff Crichton joined the team and the Lashia Megastore was born.


Lashia going international

Some would say the Lash Industry was born around 2014-2015. That is when the first Lash competitions and conferences entered the world and Lash trainers started sharing their knowledge. Lashia was involved in numerous events, and still does today.


Creation of the Mimmi Tweezer

Numerous attempts to perfect the best Volume lash fan, hundreds of pairs of tweezers later. Mimmi decided to design her own tweezer. The tweezer’s name was inofficial until 2018 when the company decided to name the tweezer what everyone already called it – the Mimmi Tweezer.


Opening of Lashia Australia

In 2016, Mimmi and Jeff opened the Lashia Australia Branch in the Gold Coast. The business quickly gained recognicion within the country. Their way of teaching was revolutionary.


The Lashia Lash Collector

Innovation and growth happens when you are busy solving a problem. Ebba designed the Lash Collector to find a solution to the numerous lash palettes spread across the salon. A hygienic system where a Lash Artist can collect all her palettes in one place, easily accessible for the next client.


The Virtual Lash Salon / Academy

The world’s first virtual Lash Salon. Through the Lashia Network you can find a Lashia Eyelash Designer in your area.
The virtual academy allows anyone to learn from Lashia, through our online manual and virtual classroom. The new system is launching early 2020 and we are now looking for BETA testers world wide. Contact Lashia for more information.


Novalash Eyelash Extensions, 1 day course


Lashia brings Volume Lashes to Sweden

Laura Beseniey is the first international Volume trainer to come and teach a group class with Lashia in Stockholm, Sweden.

Lashia hosts the first Swedish Championship


Lashia goes to New York

Lashia Educators train with world known Russian Volume Artist Nadia Afanseva.

Lashia becomes NEESA Educational partner


Lash Wars Las Vegas judge


Co-founder of ANZEI

Australia & New Zealand Eyelash Industry is an association for Lash Artists, co-founded with 11 other Lash companies.

Swedish Championship judge


Lash Gala Australia Nominee

Lashia was nominated for Australia´s perfect mentor, Australia´s best lash salon, Australia´s most dedicated lash artist

Co-founder Lash Bash Australia

Lashia hosts the lash conference twice in the Gold Coast and once in Hamilton island, together with Lash Tribe and FOX cosmetics.

Speaker Lash Vision leaders Melbourne


NALA Nominee Canada


Judge ABIA Awards

Australia Beauty Industry Awards

NALA Speaker Canada


Gold Coast Girls in business awards nominee

Business woman of the year

Lash Masters Speaker Melbourne


Judge Lash Master Empress Perth


Lashia hosts the Australian Lash Open

The Lashia network

1170 Students trained
3 510 000 lash services
702 000 000 individual lashes applied
How much $$ can you make?


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  • info@lashia.com.au
  • (61) 424 036 630
  • @lashia_australia

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