You can’t learn Eyelash Extensions in 1 or 2 days!

I have been in the Eyelash Extension industry for 11 years.
Ever since we started I have felt like I’m swimming upstream.
People are out to make a quick buck, offering anything from 2 hours up to 2 days followed by a piece of paper called “certificate”. No ongoing support given. The “students” are thrown out into oblivion to search for information on social media, but the majority will give up.

When is this profession going to be taken seriously?

The Eyelash Extension industry is completely unregulated, and the fact is, there is only a handful technicians knowing what they are doing. Anyone can watch a clip on youtube, buy some chinese glue and hairs and throw them onto someone’s eyes. The problem is, it is people’s eyes we are talking about here.

Can you believe how many rescue sets we have to do each week where the poor ladies eyes have been completely glued together??

At Lashia we believe in quality, safety, hygiene, sanitation and to create art on a person’s eyes, not just throwing on some lashes and glue.

To learn Eyelash Extensions properly takes a long, long time, and you need to put a lot of effort into it.
You can’t just do a quick and cheap 1-day course and think you are going to actually learn much from it,
even less likely, create safe, beautiful lash sets.

Our students are with us for 5 consecutive days. After these days they are not certified.
This is just the start. After the first week in a small group with max 5 students, they know how to apply a safe
set of lashes, but the art and skills will grow with time. Therefore they are sent off to practice until ready to sit their Theoretical and Practical exam. During their practice time they are welcome back at anytime for one-on-one mentoring support.

So are you choosing between a cheap $199 one day course or are you ready to pay a little bit more for a great Mentor that will follow you the whole way to success?

Choose Lashia as your training provider and you will have a profession to be proud of for years to come.

We will Mentor you to success.






                  Lashes made by a very poorly trained technician.                                   Lashes made by a Certified Lashia Designer.

Do you want to see more of the rescue sets we have done at Lashia Varsity Lakes?
Click here.

One thought on “You can’t learn Eyelash Extensions in 1 or 2 days!

  • I am so proud over being a Lashia Eyelash Designer. The training was very well designed, taken all aspects into account. With the following support I felt comfortable taking customers on my own as a trainee up till certification. Even after I still go back for support to continue developing my skills with the Lashia experts.
    Fully recommended this way of learning. I could not have made a better choice.
    Thank you Lashia!

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