Trainee Lashes

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Eyelash extensions by Lashia Trainees

-Have you thought about trying a set of extensions by a highly qualified eyelash designer?
-Have you been hesitating to try because of the high price?
-Have you been scared to try the lower price extensions, due to the quantity of poorly trained eyelash technicians out there?

Now you have the opportunity to try a highly safe and cheap way to do eyelash extensions.

At Lashia we work for quality, safety and natural beauty.

Being a model at one of our training facilities, you will receive an eyelash extension from one of our skillful students that is completing a certified course in eyelash extensions.

We find it very important to meet every client’s satisfaction. Therefore, the teacher will supervise the Lashia trainees during the time of your extensions, and will help when needed to make a great end result.

The eyelash extension completed by a Lashia trainee (with the help of a supervisor) in comparison to a certified Lashia designer, you can expect:

  • Similar result of design: You will receive an extension suitable for your eyes. The Lashia trainee will utilise various lengths and curls to create the design.
  • Same result of separation: Each individual extension is carefully separated from one and another. The Lashia trainee has been trained to always separate each individual eyelash to protect the hair growth of your natural eyelashes. This is also controlled by the supervisor.
  • Same result: The distance from the eyelid.
  • Different: The Lashia trainee treatment will require more time (3-4 hours with break). However, the supervisor helps the trainee to apply extensions during the treatment to make the extension a bit fuller. You can expect to receive a minimum of 40 eyelashes / eye from the treatment.

Our models always get pleased with the end result, so the booking gets full quickly.

When the trainees have been working with eyelash extension for approximately 12 weeks, they will be ready for their certification examination. We also need models for this occasion.
Please contact us for more information.

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