“The Lashia Method”

Eyelash Design – Eyelash Extensions with Lashia’s proven method.

Ever since 2006 we have developed our own method in eyelash extensions.
We were first with using the term ”Eyelash Design”, a lot of people have followed us since.

We adapt the eyelash extensions with various shapes, length and curls depending on the client’s eye shape and requests.
We teach you how to gain control of your craft, for example how the client recieve a symmetric extension with the same amount of lashes on both eyes. As a student you will feel you are in control from the first client after your 5 first training days at the Lashia training centre.

It is not only the client who shall be satisfied. We teach you how to work ergonomically and safely not to damage your body, eyes or hands.

Customer relations is a very important part in our training program – you start already with your first model.


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