Eyelash Designer is the job of the future

The history of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions with single lashes started in Japan in the early 21-century by applying human hairs on top of the natural lash.
The technique rapidly spread worldwide but is still very unknown to the general public.
Eyelash Extensions have existed in Australia since 2005-2006.

Eyelash Extensions – various techniques

There are various techniques to extend your eyelashes. Most people who think of extending eyelashes tend to make a connection to false eyelashes – the lashes waved on top of a strip, glued to your eyelid for a party night or event.

What all of us are talking about now is something that completely differs from that.
In individual Eyelash Extensions we extend every hair of your own lashes, creating a shape suiting your eyes and appearance, using various curls, thicknesses and lengths of the synthetic lashes applied. These are grafted onto your own lash, not touching your skin at any circumstances.

Eyelash Extensions with cluster lashes / flares

Extending lashes with cluster lashes / flares was extremely popular in the early 21st century.
A “flare” or “cluster lash” is anything from 2 up to 10 individual synthetic lashes glued together as a cluster.
The problem with this technique is that one cluster of lashes is too heavy to apply to only one individual hair.
To keep the lashes stay up they need to be applied on several of your own lashes, leaving them glued together.
Eventually your roots will be permanently damaged, as your hairs are not able to grow naturally.

This technique is thankfully slowly leaving the market as the popularity for individual lashes has grown rapidly.
A new problem is pre-glued lash fans. Read more further down this page.

Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions – Individual lash extensions
The synthetic eyelash is applied onto the own eyelash with an adhesive lasting up to 6-8 weeks.
It is extremely important you let a professionally trained technician perform the extension.
It takes a lot of practice and experience to do an extension professionally. The lashes needs to be perfectly isolated individually,
they are not to any extent supposed to be stuck together. If glued together they will damage the roots of the own lashes, and if repeatedly done they could be permanently damaged.
Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions – Volume Lashes/Russian Volume 2D-6D
Volume Lashes, Russian Volume, Tahitian Volume, Lashia Volume.
This is a new, revolutionary technique coming from Russia since around 2010 and came to the rest of the world around 2012-2013.
It came to Australia in the end of 2013- early 2014. The market has completely exploded of companies trying to get a grasp on the market and offer their own version of the technique. When looking for training in Volume Lashes, make sure you choose an experienced tutor who has been properly trained. Ask for references and to see certificates.
Trying this technique on your own can make things go awfully wrong.If the extensions is performed correctly you receive an extension looking like your absolutely most perfect eyelashes.
2-6 very thin lashes (0,05-0,07) are applied onto each individual lashes of your own. The “fan” starts from the bottom with almost invisible amount of adhesive, spreads out in a beautiful fan. The nice lash fans creates a beautiful, natural and soft effect.The extensions last better and looks so much more amazing than individual eyelash extensions.

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