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Eyelash Design – Eyelash Extensions with the “Lashia touch”.

The Semi-permanent Eyelash Extension technique 

With a medically classed adhesive we apply each synthetic lash fibre onto every individual lash of your own. One by one.
Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions came to the world in 2004 and it has grown into a multi-million dollar industry, with better adhesives, more variety in lengths, curls, thicknesses and application techniques. There is even various materials of loose eyelashes; synthetic, mink, silk, fox hair and so on.
Being an Eyelash Technician is a craft on its own and the result totally depends on who completes the work and what education she has.
To become a Lashia Eyelash Designer takes time and a lot of practice.

What makes the difference to become a Lashia Eyelash Designer? 

What distinguishes a Lashia Eyelash Designer from other practitioners of eyelash extensions, is how we work with a big variety of shapes to create different effects. Our original shape involves naturally curled lashes that opens up the eye and gives it the intensity with mascara feeling. No one could guess that you have fake eyelashes!

Customer experience
Together we build a relationship with the customer and more than 90% come back every three weeks for years.
A lot of women having their lashes done for the first time get completely overjoyed. For the first time they have the long, natural lashes they always dreamed of!
At Lashia we always have the client in focus to give her the best experience and customer service she can receive.
If the eyelash extension has been applied correctly it should feel less than when you’re wearing mascara.

Proud ANZEI Co-Founder
ANZEI is an association between 8 different companies spread across Australia and New Zealand, created to raise standards and ultimately create recognition of safe Eyelash Extension training and application.
Read more about ANZEI on the website

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